About us

Cellmax Healthcare Sdn. Bhd. is the proud owner of Cellmax™, a Malaysian brand that only uses ethically sourced materials produced in a facility that strictly adheres to the government’s safety standards and guidelines of a highly sterile environment to ensure the production of safe products. Through our proprietary techniques with the aid of technologically advanced equipment, Cellmax™ products have seen amazing results in their efficacies.

Cellmax Healthcare strives to be the pioneer in the health care industry through our investments in R&D and by working in close collaboration with medical professionals, scientists and recognised research centres that share the same enthusiasm, drive and commitment in bringing products that work to hasten the healing of patients suffering from chronic wounds.

Our aspiration

To inspire hope and contribute to the health care industry with our products that heal and alleviate pain.

Our mission

To deliver a wide range of products that change patients’ lives.
To continuously invest in R&D and new technologies to develop therapies that matter.